Social Security Disability benefits for depression

Many Portland residents suffer from depression, but for some individuals depression symptoms are so severe that they cannot work. Depression for these individuals is not a bad day at the office or a bad mood because of rain. It can be a long life-threatening psychological disability. Social Security Disability benefits can assist those who can no longer work due to this very serious disorder.

Clinical-depression is formally recognized by the Social Security Administration as a disorder than can qualify applicants for disability benefits. Clinical-depression, in its most severe form, is an extended period of sadness, anger, hopelessness and frustration that lasts, sometimes for no reason.

Imbalanced brain chemicals, environmental causes and heredity have all been suspected to be sources of this mood-altering condition, but there are no age groups, races, genders or financial groups that are immune from depression. Certain factors can however predispose a person to the disorder, including drug and alcohol abuse, life traumas and certain medical conditions.

The mood disorder abounds with signs, ranging from mild to severe, short-term to a lifetime. Depressive moods may increase or eliminate appetite, bring on agitation and tiredness or spin off into dark episodes of doubt, guilt and insomnia. This makes it difficult for many depressed individuals to function in the workplace.

Depressed individuals frequently withdrawal from friends and family, losing interest in things that once caused joy. In its extreme, it drives thoughts of death and suicide and can even produce delusions or hallucinations.

Treatment is multi-level and not always effective. There is also recent research that indicates popular painkillers and other medicines can interfere with antidepressant’s effectiveness, according to NPR. Without being able to find just one cause or cure, the medical community is forced to treat symptoms. For those individuals who cannot successfully manage their symptoms, a Social Security Disability claim may be the best option to help with some of the financial difficulties associated with depression.

Source: NPR, “Popular Painkillers Can Impair Antidepressants’ Effectiveness,” Nancy Shute, 4/25/11

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