Child Growth Impairment Qualifications For Disability

Although Social Security Disability benefits are commonly received by disabled Portland adults, children can qualify for benefits as well. When a child’s growth is being considered for Social Security Disability benefits, the impairment is viewed in two separate ways, although either condition may eventually be approved for disability benefits. Evaluators determine whether the child’s growth condition is isolated, with no other supporting evidence, or whether it is an impairment that may be rooted in the existence of a separate medical disorder or disease.

Since children are more or less in an ever-growing state, Social Security determination for growth impairment disability revolves around how a child’s growth compares to other children. Several height and weight measurements throughout a child’s life are compared, including length at birth, and matched against national statistics segmented into percentiles for children who are of the same age. A history of family height is also factored in as a possible genetic contribution.

Through x-rays or other scans, bone age is analyzed and compared to average bone development figures for other same-size, same-age children. Before the age when a child normally stops growing, left hand and wrist scans are sufficient evidence for determination. In puberty or when an age is reached where it’s believed bones have ossified into permanence, additional tests are performed on knees and ankles, to see if growth has ended naturally.

Growth impairment disability becomes a qualified condition when a child, either with a skin impairment that is a condition all by itself or one that is part of a larger medical issue like disease, is found to have significant and sustained height and bone age differences. The criteria for disability qualification, based on statistical comparison, are stricter for children who have no extra medical condition contributing to growth impairment.

And experienced Social Security Disability attorney can guide Portland parents through the evaluation process for their child’s growth impairment. An experienced Social Security attorney can also identify all of the government disability benefits that a child is entitled to and pursue those benefits diligently.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security: 100.00 Growth Impairment, – Childhood.”

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