Childhood Skin Disorder Evaluation for Social Security Disability

In our previous post we discussed Social Security Disability benefits that Portland children can receive for grown disorders. Portland children can qualify for benefits for a variety of other physical issues, such as skin disorders. Skin disorders that appear at birth, are inherited or develop as a symptom of a disease can be considered a qualification for childhood Social Security Disability. How pervasive a skin disorder is, how it affects a child’s quality of life and its expected duration each play a role in disability determination.

Documentation of a child’s skin disorder history, present status, treatment and expected future recovery is necessary for disability evaluation. Evidence of lapses in a skin disorder, such as remission from flare-ups or conditional exceptions in certain situations or environments, must also be submitted to prove the existence of the disorder and its severity.

Severity measures allow disability evaluators to know how and how much the skin disorder limits a child physically or mentally. The intensity of pain, if any, associated with the disorder and the side effects and length of anticipated treatment are studied. If a skin disorder curtails or limits a child’s ability in any way, especially for long periods of time, it is considered for qualified disability.

One of the complicated crossover areas Social Security carefully examines during a child’s disability qualification is when a skin disorder is related to a condition in another major body organ or system. In cases where a skin disorder is a symptom of a disease, evaluators determine disability based on the source condition.

Part of the assessment for childhood qualification for disability includes the persistence of a skin disorder. The length of time a skin condition is expected to last – whether it’s a lifetime, under treatment or under certain conditions like repeated flare-ups – is taken into account during Social Security determination if a child’s disability is qualified.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security: 108.00 Skin Disorders – Childhood.

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