Social Security Disability for children with neurological conditions

Social Security Disability is available for children with neurological conditions, whether they are diagnosed with a convulsive or non-convulsive disorder. The range of requirements for Social Security Disability benefits determination depends heavily on the manifestation of the child’s condition. Neurological disorders that rob or limit children of communication or motor skills are considered just as seriously as those that produce seizures.

For children with convulsive epilepsy, documentation and diagnosis are important to disability determination. Infants subject to high-fever convulsions are not considered epileptic unless seizures occur when they are also otherwise well. Because treatment for epilepsy takes time to establish, a child is not considered eligible for benefits until at least three months of treatment has already taken place.

For non-convulsive epileptic children, Social Security evaluates seizure frequency, the age of the disorder’s onset and documented electroencephalogram (EEG) patterns. Any intermittent myoclonic seizures must also be reported.

The source of neurologically-based motor dysfunctions in a child can be ambiguous and stem from any number of nervous system conditions. The more diagnostic evidence that can narrow the reason for the motor dysfunction, the better the chance that disability will be approved. The number of epileptic episodes and the timing of those events is critical for neurological disability determination.

Depending on the disorder, secondary symptoms must be apparent in order to qualify. For example, in convulsive epilepsy, a major seizure must have taken place within the last year and diagnosis must be accompanied by a proven low IQ, mental disorder, communication defect or negative response to treatment.

For children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, secondary requirements must affect motor function, IQ, mental health, communication or be accompanied by a seizure pattern.

Source: Social Security Administration, ” Disability Evaluation Under Social Security – 111.00 Neurological – Childhood.”

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