How Portland residents’ hearing problems are evaluated for DIB

For a Portland resident to qualify for Social Security disability based on hearing loss, the applicant must provide the Social Security Administration with medical evidence proving that the hearing loss is caused by a medically determinable impairment. This is achieved by undergoing a full otologic examination along with audiometric testing. The testing should be performed within two months of the examination. The Social Security Administration analyzes data from these tests in order to evaluate the severity of one’s hearing loss and determine whether the individual qualifies for disability benefits.

The otologic examination for hearing loss based applications must be performed by a licensed doctor in order to be considered valid. This examination should generally include word recognition testing, pure tone air and bone conduction testing and speech reception threshold testing. The information submitted to the Social Security Administration must include the doctor’s notes on one’s external ears, tympanic membranes and any middle ear irregularities, as well as an individual’s medical history and information describing how their hearing loss affects their life.

Likewise, the audiometric testing must be administered by an audiologist or otalaryngologist. If performed by an audiologist, that individual must be licensed as clinical audiologist in the area in which he or she works. If no such licensure is available in the audiologist’s area, he or she must be certified by either the Speech-Language-Hearing Association or the American Board of Audiology.

An experienced Portland Social Security Disability attorney can assist applicants in scheduling the proper testing and compiling a successful application for Social Security Disability benefits. Many claims are initially denied, so a Social Security attorney is usually prepared to file an appeal of an initial denial.

Source: Social Security Online, “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security – 2.00 SPECIAL SENSES AND SPEECH – Adult.”

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