Oregon children may qualify for SSD for respiratory disorders

Oregon children who are significantly impaired due to disorders of the respiratory system may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits under certain conditions. Such disorders must be substantiated by medical evidence, provided in enough detail to allow a third part to establish the validity and asses the severity of the impairments caused.

Although not required, evidence supporting these Social Security Disability benefits claims should be collected by a pediatrician or a doctor specialized in childhood respiratory conditions. Substantiating evidence of a child’s impairment should include details regarding how the impairment specifically affects the child’s physical and mental development.

Children who have received medication or other forms of treatment for the condition must submit a description detailing the nature of the treatment and their response to this treatment. It is important to note whether medical management has been able to significantly improve the child’s functioning.

In some cases, a child who has not received treatment may still be able to demonstrate impairment, so long as he or she provides information regarding how the impairment affects his or her functioning, the duration and intensity of the symptoms and how often they occur.

Even if the impairment is not listed by the Social Security Administration as one that would qualify the child for Social Security Disability benefits, it may be considered functionally equivalent to one that is listed. In such an instance, the Social Security Administration will consider each case independently and determine whether the child’s impairment qualifies him or her for benefits.

Source: Social Security Online, “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security – 103.00 Respiratory System – Childhood.”

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