Supplemental Security Income benefits for Portland residents

Most of the posts on this blog focus on Social Security disability insurance benefits. These benefits are for Portland workers who have paid into the national disability insurance system through their work. Disability benefits are available to those who suffer from physical or mental ailments that render them incapable of working. These ailments can include injuries, diseases, or mental health issues and a variety of the qualifying disorders have been discussed in previous posts.

Although Social Security disability insurance benefits are a vital lifeline for many Portland residents, there is another program available for those who may not qualify for disability benefits. Supplemental Security income is available to any Amiercan who becomes disabled and cannot work. The significant difference between this program and the disability benefits program is that those who have no work history can qualify for SSI benefits. This is because funding for the SSI program does not come from payroll taxes, but rather the U.S. Treasury.

SSI payments are available to Portland residents who have very limited income that are over age 65, disabled, or blind. Income for the purposes of the SSI program includes Social Security benefits, pensions, and wages.

The Social Security Administration also looks at the resources of a SSI applicant to determine whether they are eligible for benefits. Resources include real estate, cash, stocks, and bank accounts. All of these resources must be $2,000 or under for individuals, $3,000 or under for couples. An experienced Portland Social Security disability and supplemental income attorney can help area residents determine whether they qualify for either program and guide applicants through the Social Security application process.

Source: The Grant Tribune-Sentinel, “Back-to-school list should include Social Security,” Mike Sylvan

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