The Social Security disability application process for Portlanders

Some Portland residents are shocked when a Social Security disability application is denied. Although a person’s disability may be serious and crippling, the Social Security Administration sometimes has roadblocks for individuals to receive benefits.

One Social Security Disability applicant was recently shocked when her application was denied despite the fact that she was recovering from lung cancer, had a weak heart and suffered from diabetes. The woman’s medical struggles left her with approximately $10,000 in medical bills and she was unable to work again according to her doctors.

The woman’s inability to work was fairly obvious because she was reliant on a oxygen machine to “pump up” one of her lungs. She had to rush to the oxygen machine multiple times a day to wash out the toxins that had built up in her defunct lung.

Appealing a denial from the Social Security administration can take a long time. Applicants usually go through three phases: initial application, reconsideration, and appeal to an administrative law judge. Many of the cases reach the third stage because 65 percent of all applications are denied. The wait for an administrative law judge can take up to two years and it is impossible to speed the claims process without an experienced Portland Social Security Disability attorney.

The woman with the lung issues and medical bills could not wait for an administrative hearing so she did the last thing she could think of: talk to the president. In our next post we will discuss how the woman reached the president and what he did for her.

Source: Star News, “Obama steps in to get help for local woman,” Aug. 18, 2011

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