Disability benefits after disabling workplace injuries

American workers can apply for Social Security Disability benefits if an illness, injury or disability makes them unable to work. A worker can become disabled in a variety of ways, including on the job accidents.

A stunt actor working on the set of Warner Brothers’ “Hangover 2” film was recently disabled after he was involved in a car accident on the movie’s Bangkok set. The stunt double was portraying movie star Ed Helms during the shoot and alleges that the stunt coordinator for the movie was the reason for his injury.

The stunt coordinator allegedly told the driver of the stunt double’s car to speed up. The driver apparently lost control of the car and collided with another vehicle head-on. The stunt double suffered severe personal injuries and now lives in a rehabilitation facility. He suffers a variety of ailments from his workplace injury including speech impediments, physical disabilities, brain trauma and ongoing seizures.

The stunt double cannot collect Social Security Disability benefits for his injuries because he is from Australia and moved back to Sydney after the crash, but American workers involved in similar accidents would likely be eligible for disability benefits.

“We were shocked and saddened by this accident and have been working closely with (the stunt double) and his family throughout his treatment and recovery,” a Warner Brothers spokesman said. “We have offered continual support since the accident occurred and we are working together to try and resolve any outstanding issues.”

The Hangover 2 turned out to be worldwide box office smash, grossing over $600 million.

Source: CNN, “‘Hangover 2’ stuntman claims brain damage doubling for Ed Helm,” Alan Duke, Aug. 31, 2011

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