Man receives disability benefits after crashing into building

We have covered the Social Security disability benefits application process in previous posts. Disability benefits are vital for many disabled Portland workers but applicants are often dismayed to find out how long the application, reconsideration and appeals process can take. The best course of action to take if you are worried about the lengthy application period is to consult an experienced Portland Social Security disability attorney who can help you prepare a thorough application. An inadvisable course of action is to drive your vehicle into the local Social Security Administration Office in a fit of protest.

A 47-year-old man was recently arrested after he drove his van into the SSA office in Traverse City, Texas on July 3. The man said that he was in a “fit of rage” and that he was upset because he felt that his disability claim was lingering in the system.

Ironically the man’s application was recently approved and he may begin receiving the average $1,000 monthly disability payment soon.

That disability payment may stop as quickly as it started however. The SSA district manager for the man’s area said that disability benefits stop if a recipient is convicted of a crime and incarcerated. The man faces charges of malicious destruction of property, which can land him in prison for five years.

“People who are allowed Social Security, we pay them based on their disability factors, and if (the applicant) is eligible we would go ahead and pay him,” the SSA district manager said. “Of course, we are always bothered when people get benefits that have harmed other people, but it’s the law.”

Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle, “Building crasher receives benefits,” Brian McGillivary, Aug. 31, 2011

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