Medical exam problems associated with SSDI applications

Last week we discussed the trouble that one Social Security disability applicant had during his application process. The Social Security Administration has created and changed its laws, procedures and programs since the system’s creation in the 1940s. Unfortunately the application process has not become easier for Portland residents, which is why so many Portland residents rely on the experience of a Social Security disability attorney to help guide them through the process.

One of the essential parts of a disability application is a physician’s exam. Medical records are among the basic requirements for an initial SSDI application. Unfortunately many doctors have complained that they are unable to determine whether Portland residents are disabled. Although some forms of disability such as massive strokes or paraplegia are obvious, there are other disorders like fibromyalgia that are difficult for doctors to detect. Many disability claims are based on pain disorders or mental disorders which the medical community does not entirely understand or for which diagnoses are based on the objective opinion of a physician.

In addition to the issues that a physician may have in determining the disability of a patient, many people are understandably concerned about the delays associated with the disability process. Disabled Portland workers have a right to disability benefits and an experienced Social Security disability attorney will help uncover the unacceptable delays in the system. A SSDI attorney can also help speed up any delays that a Portland resident may incur by working with a Social Security screener and requesting an exception for a application to be heard early. The attorney will also seek to present a “humanized” application at the hearing so that the SSDI application will be granted.

Source: Guernica, “Tell Me Where It Hurts,” Heather Kovich, Sept. 2011

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