Hard times slow down obtaining of Social Security disability payments

Most Portland workers spend more than 40 years contributing to the Social Security Disability Program. Unfortunately, payment into the system does not guarantee timely compensation for those in need. A congressional subcommittee recently found that the average wait time for a hearing was approximately one year, and disability benefits recipients often need to wait an additional three months for disability payments to actually be approved and processed.

Those waiting for initial disability benefits payments are often injured workers that have been deprived of all income and are dependent on others for support. This is why Portland residents should seek the advice of an experienced Social Security disability attorney to help guide them through the process.

One of the stumbling blocks in obtaining payments is that the definition of the term “disability” is not cut and dry. In the majority of cases, one must suffer from an identifiable disability in order to obtain benefits That one’s ability to perform their work duties is affected because of aging does not guarantee disability payments. The types of conditions that may qualify a Portland resident for disability benefits can be complicated, which is why it is often a good idea to consult with a disability attorney before filing a disability application.

The Social Security Administration is overburdened with claims to their office. Often when errors are made in the administration of claims, the SSA is unable to correct such errors in a timely manner without the intervention of an experienced Social Security disability attorney.

Source: Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc., “Reps. Doggett and Gonzalez: On the Heels of Republican Budget Cuts to Social Security Administration, Mandatory E-Verify System Would Put Burden on Retirees, Widows, and People with a Disability,” Oct. 11, 2011

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