Why SSDI might be necessary even if you have disability insurance

We have covered many heartbreaking Social Security Disability stories in previous posts. Many Portland residents have found that dealing with the Social Security Administration is unnecessarily complicated and confusing. Many of these residents feel like they are up against a brick wall until they consult with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who knows how to navigate the red tape associated with disability applications.

Many Portland workers with disability coverage through their employers are surprised to learn that they have to go through the Social Security Disability application system. This is because many employer-run disability plans require that applicants apply for SSDI benefits first and then only cover what SSDI doesn’t. This means that the workers are thrown into the sometimes years-long SSDI process despite having an insurance policy that was supposed to take care of everything.

The SSDI application process is not only complicated because of inefficiencies in the SSA, but because of daunting medical documentation requirements. Sometimes applicants are frustrated with the exhaustive amounts of medical documentation that they are expected to provide and fail to collect all of the necessary documents. Even after an applicant compiles all of the necessary documentation, problems with an application can result in a denial and then a lengthy appeals process.

A Social Security can help applicants alleviate some of the angst that the application process may provide by helping prepare an application properly and ensuring all of the necessary medical documentation is in place. An attorney can also guide applicants through the sometimes daunting reconsideration and appeals process and even file for judicial review of a denial if necessary.

Source: New York Daily News, “Getting the right disability insurance can be a painful process,” Nov. 1, 2011

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