Social Security Disability benefits to rise 3.6 percent

Many Portland residents who rely on disability benefits know that a disability check helps cover some of the basic necessities of life but that the amount of disability benefits is meager when compared with the actual cost of living in the city. Social Security Disability benefits have not kept up with increased costs of living and many disability recipients struggle to make ends meet every day. The Social Security Administration has moved to address some of these concerns and benefits are expected to increase 3.6 percent in the following year. This will be the first time in about three years that disability recipients have received an increase.

This much needed relief comes at a time when many disability recipients are feeling the crushing burden of out-of-pocket medical expenses and gas prices. Dropping home values and the increased burden on the rental market also make living conditions hard for many disability benefit recipients. This means that more people than ever are relying on family members and dwindling savings to get by.

Although the news that Social Security benefits are relatively small is discouraging for some, disabled workers know that every bit of income helps. That is why it is important to contact an experienced Portland Social Security Disability attorney immediately after experiencing a permanently disabling medical or mental condition which prevents you from working. A disability attorney can help compile the most complete application possible and see a case through the reconsideration and appeals process, if necessary. Those who fail to seek professional help with their disability application frequently experience significant delay and rejection, which is why it is important to avoid the mistake of proceeding through the disability claims process alone.

Source: Associated Press, “Social Security benefits to go up 3.6 percent,” Stephen Ohlemacher, Oct. 19, 2011

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