Social Security Office leaves physicians frustrated

We have covered many delays in the processing of Social Security Disability claims in previous posts. The Social Security application process has never been speedy, but the delays growing at some offices have both Social Security Administration doctors and applicants outraged.

“Americans who are applying for disability insurance are not getting a fair shake anymore,” said one frustrated doctor.

The doctor also noted that some Social Security offices have begun to allow physicians to evaluate medical conditions outside of their practice areas. This highlights the need for Social Security Disability applicants to contact an attorney to help them with their case. A disability attorney can highlight the inaccuracy of a SSA physician’s report and stress the results of an applicant’s treating physician reports.

Even SSA physicians note that evaluating conditions outside of their practice areas is problematic. One orthopedic surgeon who quit the SSA said that he was frustrated by this irresponsible policy.

“What do I know about ear, nose and throat? Not very much,” the orthopedic surgeon said. “What do I know about cardiology? Not very much – not enough to do an adequate job of determining whether the information is valid or not.”

“When cardiologists are evaluating people with back problems and orthopedic surgeons are evaluating people with hearing problems, that ain’t kosher,” another physician said. “You’ve been paying Social Security dues for all your life, and if you have an injury, you’re entitled to it. You ought to get it and the decision should be by people who are knowledgeable.”

Source: WBAL-TV, “Social Security Disability Benefits Delayed,” Nov. 23, 2011

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