Social Security applicants languish without representation

In our last post we discussed the issue of some Disorders That Qualify For SSI Benefits offices allowing physicians to evaluate medical conditions outside of their area of expertise. We also discussed the importance of contacting an experienced Portland Social Security attorney to evaluate your case especially if you experience delays in the processing of your claim. An attorney can properly prepare a case to avoid delays and unnecessary reconsideration and appeals. An attorney can also request an exception to have a case evaluated in an expedited fashion.

The delays at one Social Security office got so bad that many applicants were unable to receive benefits until a news station intervened on their behalf. The news station began exposing the lengthy delays coming out of the SSA office and received a flood of responses.

“We have been fighting this since 2006,” one applicant said.

“I have been waiting years for Social Security,” another applicant said.

One applicant who suffered from Crohn’s disease and diabetes waited over two years for benefits until the news station exposed his situation to the public. The man said that we was financially strapped, forced into bankruptcy, and that he was worried that he was going to lose his home. That was until a news reporter called the applicant for his story.

“He contacted me at 3:30 on Monday, and at 1:15 Wednesday morning, the check was direct deposited — $36,000,” the applicant said.

Most Social Security applicants do not have reporters willing to rescue their languishing cases and are better served by obtaining representation from a competent Social Security attorney. A disability attorney can help explain the confusing application process and help guide an applicant’s application to a successful result.

Source: WBAL-TV, “Social Security Disability Benefits Delayed,” Nov. 23, 2011

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