SSDI benefits for chronic pain

Social Security Disability benefits are available for a variety of medical conditions including chronic pain. There are many different types of chronic pain disorders including fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. These disorders are often challenged by the Social Security Administration because they do not have the medical proof to back them up like many other disorders. That is why it is difficult to obtain disability benefits solely on the basis of chronic pain.

Many individuals who suffer from chronic pain also have other impairments. That is why it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can help make sure that you have all of the proper documentation of the severity of your conditions before you file a SSDI application.

One pair of teens may need to file for SSDI benefits if they experience any chronic pain or other complications from a recent workplace injury. Federal inspectors say that the teens had their legs amputated while working at a grain storage facility. There was an inadequately guarded conveyor auger at the facility and the teens became caught in it. A grain auger is a large drill that helps move tons of grain within massive storage bins. It is common for these augers to be in adequately guarded and injure workers.

Although a leg amputation does not preclude someone from working in many instances, the risk of complications, depression, and infections is high in these situations. This combination of impairments may make someone unable to work after a serious workplace accident and qualify them for SSDI benefits.

Source: OSHA, “US Department of Labor’s OSHA cites grain company after 2 teenage workers suffer leg amputations at Kremlin, Okla., facility,” Region 6 News Release: 12-198-DAL

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