Government cutbacks result in long backlog of SSDI applications

Most able-bodied working age individuals don’t give much thought to what would happen if they were suddenly unable to work due to an accident or disability. Reality, however, sets in very quickly when an individual finds that they are suddenly disabled and unable to work or earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, in these circumstances bills still need to be paid and medical expenses alone can rack up additional unforeseen debt.

Thankfully Social Security Disability Insurance exists. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration, the government agency that administers disability benefit payments, is understaffed and bogged down with so many applicants that is can take years for an individual to even find out if they are eligible for benefits.

Individuals whose only previous source of income was their job, often do not even have a couple months much less years of saved income to cover daily and monthly living expenses. So what can someone who is facing a permanent disability do?

When faced with the prospect of not being able to work and having to rely on disability benefits, time is of the essence and it’s crucial that applicants file for disability benefits as soon as possible. Just because you file in a timely manner, however, does not mean your application for benefits will be approved.

The application process can be complex and many Oregon residents would be wise to consult a professional or social security disability attorney who can help obtain necessary documents and fill out application materials correctly. An attorney can also help an individual plan for the future and avoid common mistakes that may inadvertently lead to a denial of disability benefits.

Source: The Street, “Disabled or Hurt? Only 800 Days to Wait for SSDI Rejection,” Joe Mont, Feb. 21, 2012

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