Rights of disabled veterans returning to work further protected

Members of the United States military make many sacrifices to serve and protect our country. In recent years, many military personnel have served multiple tours overseas, spending months and even years away from family and friends. Unfortunately, many of these veterans also return home with debilitating injuries that may prevent them from returning to their former civilian jobs.

Two amendments, announced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Feb. 28, were recently made regarding disabled veterans’ rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. One amendment discusses how employers can prevent discrimination of disabled veterans and calls out ways to aid veterans in finding appropriate employment opportunities.

The other amendment provides information for disabled veterans and their legal rights in relation to returning to their civilian jobs. Included in both amendments are guidelines addressing changes that may be necessary to aid veterans in their return to work.

During the next five years, it’s estimated that roughly 1 million veterans who have served their country will return to civilian life. Many of these veterans will have sustained injuries during their active duty rendering them officially disabled. Many will need to rely on government funded disability benefits, while others will seek to re-enter the workforce.

The ADA seeks to protect the legal rights of veterans suffering from both physical disabilities as well as those suffering from traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder. These amendments seek to further benefit veterans by ensuring their rights are protected and they are able to return to civilian life and secure employment that will allow integration back into society.

Source: Bloomberg, “EEOC Updates Agency Publications On Rights of Veterans With Disabilities,” Mar. 5, 2012

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