Central Oregon man ordered to pay pack Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability programs are designed to help Americans get better or live with their disability after being injured. But one Oregon man was ordered to pay back Social Security Disability Insurance payments after prosecutors claimed he defrauded the United States government long after he recovered from his injuries.

After a plane crash in 1988, the Bend, Oregon, real estate man was injured when he received burns over 70 percent of his body. After recovering from his injuries, he returned back to work at his real estate job. He claimed he was earning more than $12,000 per month on home refinance paperwork obtained by investigators. Investigators also learned he was able to renew his pilot’s license after passing the required and rather extensive medical exams. He also obtained hunting and fishing licenses.

Since the Social Security Administration turns down almost 65 percent of initial disability claims one has to wonder how this particular beneficiary was able to receive payments long after he was entitled to them. Many people struggle with filing SSD claims and will even give up if their claim is denied. This is unfortunate since people who cannot work due to an illness or injury may need Social Security benefits to meet their basic needs.

There are a variety of challenges when filling out the required paperwork, including understanding the various definitions for qualifying medical conditions and related doctor’s reports. All this can make obtaining your entitled benefits a complex and frustrating endeavor. If you or a family member is struggling with Social Security Disability Insurance issues, sometimes contacting an experienced Social Security attorney can make the process smoother and much less aggravating.

Social Security Disability benefits are designed to assist physically, mentally or emotionally disabled Americans either recover from their disability and get back to work, or help them maintain a certain quality of life if they have been permanently disabled. When fraudulent claims are made it only hurts those that really need the program to survive.

According to the report, over a 17-year period the real estate employee worked long hours, played golf, went fishing and hunting and took a cross country motorcycle trip all while receiving Social Security Disability payments. In 2010, his eligibility was reviewed by Social Security personnel who discovered that he had failed to disclose his employment income on his federal tax returns.

Source: The Oregonian, “Central Oregon real estate man punished for cheating Social Security of disability pay,” Bryan Denson, April 3, 2012

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