More than 10 percent disabled due to mood disorders in Oregon

Mood disorders are more common than most Oregon residents who suffer from mood disorders tend to think. In fact, according to the recently released annual report on the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs — 1,304, 851 out of the 8,575,544 Americans collecting disability benefits at the end of 2011 (roughly 16 percent) were doing so due to a mood disorder.

In other words, individuals who suffer from mood disorders should know that they’re are not alone — that other people have found these conditions difficult to overcome too and have been rendered unable to work because of them.

Here in Oregon, the Social Security Administration’s statistics show that a little more than 35 percent of the state’s residents receive federal disability benefits due to mental impairments or conditions of any type. The numbers also show that about 11.5 percent of the total number of people receiving benefits in the state had been disabled because of mood disorders specifically.

Where do those percentages put Oregon in comparison to other states and U.S. territories? Oregon is right in the middle, more or less, but the numbers vary widely by geographic location. For example, American Samoa had the lowest percentage (3.1 percent) of disability recipients in the “mood disorders” category of the mental impairment listings while the highest, Puerto Rico, had a percentage that was more than 10 times greater (33.3 percent).

As for the states, Massachusetts had the highest percentage of people receiving disability benefits for mood disorders (22.8 percent), with New Hampshire (22.2 percent) and Rhode Island (20.7 percent) not far behind.

If you have questions about qualifying for disability benefits due to a mood disorder or any other type of mental impairment or condition, speak to an experienced Social Security Disability attorney or visit the Social Security Administration’s website.

Source: CNS News, “1.3 Million Got Disability for ‘Mood Disorders’ – Including 33% of Beneficiaries in Puerto Rico,” Terence P. Jeffrey, Aug. 24, 2012

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