Oregon college students: university’s disability accommodations

Going to college is a really big thing. It involves becoming responsible for your studies, time-management, student loans for many and usually stepping into a new role of being an adult. It’s true that living with a disability can affect you well into your adult life and can impact the kind of job you are able to maintain, but what about before you begin your career?

Oregon students who have been receiving disability accommodations in their schooling up until now may find that colleges can be a bit different. This is the first time many young adults will be challenged with more responsibilities and often they must learn how to deal with them because they will continue to be forced to throughout the rest of their lives. Learning about Social Security Disability may be a viable solution for disabled students struggling to find appropriate and affordable accommodations.

Working with a disability can be made easier if a student can experience learning with a disability first, but their situations often can require some amount of aid from staff and programs at their schools. A student who wishes to go to college but is impaired either physically or mentally may have to narrow their search as different schools offer different modifications for disabled students. One source explains that only certain compliances are deemed “reasonable” in terms of how a school might rearrange for a student with particular needs. Special technological instruments, Braille texts and putting in elevators are considered “unreasonable” alterations or additions to a classroom or university, should a student require them.

With the ever-increasing difficulties that face young adults who have already had to alter their idea of growing up, understanding what kinds of accommodations you can ask for could help an Oregon family make their decision about a college. Should you have difficulty with your finances due to the kinds of accommodations your student requires, contacting an experienced attorney could help you make your social Security Disability claim. They could also help you proceed further as you learn more of your options regarding financial support.

Source: The New York Times, “ABC’s of accommodations,” Roger H. Martin, Oct. 30, 2012

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