SSI’s birthday marks 40 years of support for kids

For Oregon residents who receive Supplemental Security Income, you know how much it can help your household, but there might be some who aren’t aware of the kinds of effects it can have. Last month, on October 30th, the Social Security program had its 40th birthday and the amount of relief it has provided for families across America was broken down in the media as tribute.

While it is well-known across the nation for helping retired citizens with their income, there are some aspects of SSI that are unknown to many. Though the majority of children’s applications are not approved, the ways in which the program does support our children with disabilities continue to help so many other people who are involved. As these kids grow up knowing they have to have special accommodations due to their disabilities or blindness, being able to maintain as normal of a life as possible is explained to help them become more independent as they become adults.

Supplemental Security Income can offer transport to local health establishments where disabled children must go often for their treatment. It can give some financial aid to the families of these children when they have had to take work off in order to be there for their kids. With a reported 70 percent of families of disabled children earning low income, such things as a roof, electricity, and food can be supplied with some benefits from the program.

Having the added stress of a loved one who is going through something scary like a disability or unemployment can be taxing enough on someone’s emotions and SSI is there to help those who are eligible with the financial stress. Oregonians who have been struggling with their finances and who qualify for the benefits program could work with an experienced lawyer to see about a claim or appeal regarding Supplemental Security Income.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Happy Birthday, SSI: A Safety Net for Vulnerable Americans,” Donna Meltzer, Oct. 30, 2012

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