Veterans’ disability claims receiving thorough enough review?

Our nation recognized many of its own and thanked them for their service earlier this month on Veterans’ Day; a day of honor, respect and gratitude for service members. For a substantial number of veterans, the horrors of their time spent on duty do not end when they get discharged. For those Oregon residents who have to deal with physical or mental changes after their service, filing a disability claim for compensation is an option.

The process that one must go through in order to file a disability claim can last for the better part of a year and an appeal can take even longer. One source says that an average amount of days a veteran could likely wait to hear a first decision on their disability claim is around 260 days – that’s 2 months more than last year – while the waiting period for an appeal can extend to up to three and a half years. But one Veterans’ Affairs representative was recently reported to have tried to pursue an approval for a Navy veteran whose file appeared to have an error.

This veteran’s file was said to not have working evidence to prove his service in combat. His claim had been filed two decades prior and once it came up, it was listed for a dismissal; however, this representative asked if it could be reevaluated after she was able to find his experience in the Navy online. The representative who attempted to help him was rebuked for not moving through her list quickly enough and passing his along for rejection. This man’s claim was eventually denied and after a while, the representative reportedly got in touch with him and urged him to file an appeal for the compensation. He is still waiting, the source says.

For Oregon veterans having trouble receiving disability compensation or insurance, getting help with your appeal could benefits you in the process. Working with experienced legal professionals who specialize in disability insurance could help you to know your options.

Source: Center for Investigative Reporting, “Accuracy isn’t priority as VA battles disability claims backlog,” Aaron Glantz, Nov. 8, 2012

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