From mugged to homeless: a blinded man survives off SSD

Living with a disability can cause so many different ways of struggle for many people. It becomes especially difficult when someone was not born with that disability and must shift their idea of what they had expected for their life. One man was recently featured in the media for having lived through a mugging attack and now dealing with the results of his injuries from it.

Oregon residents who have been learning to adjust to their disabilities likely know of the struggle it can be. This young man was involved in a mugging in 2003 when his attacker struck him with a knife to the chest, leaving him in a coma for the following two weeks. His most lasting injury has been blindness; however, he also suffered several strokes, cardiac arrest and lost a substantial amount of blood due to the incident.

Since awaking and finding out that his vision was gone due to the damage of the attack, this young man, then 16, went through the emotional stage of accepting his new way of life. He has reportedly gone through classes in order to be able to make a wage since he and his mother are living on their own. Their monthly income is comprised of $60 worth of food stamps, a $240 Social Security Disability check and what he can make in his position as an interpreter. They were unable to remain under the roof of a homeless shelter due to his pay from freelancing and so now live together in a basement apartment. He is reported to have been saving up for training for his mother so that she may get a job as well.

For so many Oregonians, learning to live with their disability is just the first step of many. Often, there are further complications, such as in this family’s case, where finding steady employment can be difficult and discouraging. There are many who are living in between jobs or homes similar to this man and his mother, and working with a legal professional could help an Oregon resident in their Social Security disability claim or appeal.

Source: The New York Times, “Left blind after a mugging, a son is still driven to support his family,” John Otis, Nov. 15, 2012

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