Finding a job with a disability: Proposed initiative may help

Not all disabilities are alike. For an Oregon resident whose disability is difficult but not impossible to live with, working could still be an option. It’s getting the work that can sometimes be difficult. Understanding the different ways that someone who has either a physical or mental disability can still support themselves and the avenues that are available to them might be able to help a family gain the extra support they need to overcome some of the hardships.

A new initiative is being talked about recently, having to do with the way that some specific companies employ U.S. citizens who have a disability of some sort. The specific outline of the proposal is that a federally contracted company whose contract was at least $10,000 would be required to service out at least 7 percent of their positions to disabled persons. The effect would be that some 200,000 companies would all be mandated to hire on more people with disabilities. The proposed initiative has reportedly been met with many different questions and worries.

It is noted that of the different capabilities and skills that a disabled person might have, a source explains, that often there is a high production value for repetitive tasks among autistic people, specifically. Walgreens, for one example, is mentioned as having shifted a facility of theirs to allowing for more possibilities for disabled employees, having their employees working with more images instead of texts within several buildings. They reportedly have one location where about half of their employees have some kind of a disability.

As many Oregonians know, trying to find work without proper experience can be incredibly discouraging. For someone who has a cognitive or physical disability, experience may be the biggest holdup in their job hunt. Working with an attorney who can help someone to receive their Social Security Disability benefits may be helpful as well when they seek employment, as well. Understanding the options when moving forward could help in many different aspects of an Oregon resident’s life.

Source: Fast Company, “The Debate Behind Disability Hiring,” Sara Cann, Nov. 26, 2012

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