Social Security Disability Insurance’s cheerleading team rallies

It’s likely no surprise to Oregon residents to hear that Social Security is in the news lately. Tensions are high as the fate of much of our nation’s budget gets deliberated on by many and worried about by probably an even more encompassing many. Social Security Disability Insurance was able to support a reported 8.8 million individuals as of October and likely many of their families as well. In a show of solidarity, several organizations gathered earlier this month to display their belief in the program and how it serves the people of this nation.

Among those gathered on Dec. 4 were the Disability Interfaith Advocacy Coalition and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Their message: SSDI should stay. There were several portions of the event, one including the retelling of several past SSDI recipients and their own experiences. The collection of driven organizations happened at Capitol Hill, a location likely intended to display their sincerity and advocacy.

People in Oregon may be having trouble with their SSDI claims or appeals. In those cases, it’s often imperative that the claimant either receives a decision or receives the government program’s support. The gravity of so many individuals’ situations is that without this help, they will not be able to move past the tough time, or worse, get through it. One source mentions that the number of claimants for SSDI is rising due to a larger population of the age bracket that is prone to many difficult health issues. Getting up to the front of the line? Baby Boomers.

Someone who is suffering from their disability and unable to work or pay their bills because of it may not have time to wait as so much of our finances become complicated after they are past due. The repercussions of being denied SSDI benefits can be even more devastating. Working with an attorney on your appeal or to find out what options there are could help you receive the kind of aid that could help.

Source:, “Religious leaders come together on Capitol Hill in support of Social Security Disability Insurance,” Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Dec. 4, 2012

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