Support systems healthier for Oregon parents of disabled children

We’ve talked a lot before about what it can be like to live with a disability and the struggle that an adult has to go through to maintain a healthy and capable life, but what about adults who aren’t the ones with the disabilities? For many parents, the worries about how their child is doing at school that day and what they might be going through is heightened and focused about a specific issue: their child’s disability. What does it mean to be a parent of a child with a developmental disability? One study recently chose to explore one aspect of a parent’s life when they are trying to be there for their child.

The study involved two parties – a grouping of parents whose children had some kind of disability and another grouping of parents whose children did not. Through several kinds of interviews and exams, the researchers were able to determine that parents of the disabled children had higher levels of stress concerns than the other group of parents. This was further delved into and determined to be due to the added individual stress and, hence, lack of outside support for the parents.

Being a parent is a full time job for anyone. When your kid has a developmental disability, it can feel like you’re taking on several different jobs just trying to help them. As difficult as it is to be the person living with this challenge, it may be in their benefit to learn about how it can affect those people around them. One point noted from the study’s findings was that the higher blood pressure among these parents was said to be constantly raised from the other parents’ throughout an entire 24-hour period.

Oregon parents who have kids struggling with their own disability likely know how difficult it can be to continue to give everything. Working with an attorney on a Social Security Disability benefits claim might be able to supplement your child with some financial support, perhaps allowing for you to be able to make sure your health is secure as you continue to be there for your child. In so many situations the difficulties lie in not having enough money to go around and being able to get approved for the program may help with the added stress that a parent in such a situation is taking on.

Source:, “Disability caregiving can be health hazard, study finds,” Shaun Heasley, Dec. 17, 2012

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