Is waiting for SSD getting more challenging for applicants?

It’s no secret to Oregon residents who’ve applied that the process of doing so for Social Security Disability benefits is indeed a lengthy one. We’ve talked before about the wait times and possibilities for appeals, but the question on many people’s minds is what will become of the program in the coming years. While we wait to see how a conclusion is achieved, there is still the anxious question of what happening to those who are awaiting the response about their own benefits.

One woman is reported to have been going through a difficult time with her disabilities, a neurological disorder as well as a genetic joint disorder, but not just because of them. The indirect ways that your life can be affected by a long wait period or denial from SSD benefits can often cause a tough situation to become much worse. Due to her inability to work while coping with her physical challenges, the aforementioned woman was no longer receiving income, incurring untold amounts of debt and eventually working with an attorney on her case.

Through working with her attorney and keeping records of all of her doctor’s visits and bills, she was able to manage until she received her back pay check from Social Security. Their payment was in compensation for the time she was unable to work due to her disability. Her monthly installments in addition to the back pay allowed her to minimize her debt; however, she is reported to have explained that, while helpful, the money could have done much more if it had come earlier.

As trying as disabilities can be, there are many magnificent ways that people are able to rise above the hurdles they meet. Oregonians who are struggling while they wait for their decision might do as this woman did and work with a lawyer who specializes in this field in order to find appropriate compensation or help with their appeals process.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Social Security disability applications backlogged,” Ryan Randazzo, Dec. 2, 2012

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