One woman’s mission for veterans’ disability benefits

According to information released earlier this month, the total amount of people awaiting the answer to whether or not they would be approved for disability benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs was some 863,000. A number that high is likely causing some to worry more about their chances. Oregon residents may have heard of the woman who posted a video of herself explaining the situation she and her family were in due to the several wait-time extensions on their disability claim.

She became rather well-known among communities of veterans and families of service members who were also going through the anxious time of waiting on their disability answers. Her video included details of her husband’s years of service in Iraq (a Marine who did three tours there).

Something we haven’t talked much about is the scrutiny that people sometimes get when they have a disability. The woman’s husband explained that the pain in his neck and head grew to be so serious that he wasn’t able to work any longer and, along with that pain and internal struggle, came comments and digs at his capabilities. One man reportedly asked him why he couldn’t perform to his fullest, after all, he was “ʻsupposed to be a Marine.'”

Imagining the struggles that someone who must acclimate to a disability feels is futile in many cases. The pain is often as difficult physically as it is emotionally. Being fully aware of the best options available to an Oregon resident and their family is a good way to begin the claims or appeals process. While so many wait to hear their decision, finding out as many ways as possible to help with the added financial burden could make a great difference.

Source: NPR, “For Veterans, The Wait For Disability Claims Grows Longer,” Quil Lawrence, Dec. 27, 2012

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