Oregonians: National rise in employment for disabled citizens

As we discussed earlier this week, the importance of employment goes farther than just making a steady wage for some. Oregon residents who have been living their lives while being mentally or physically disabled are a part of a community that can sometimes have a hard time finding any work. The age-old problem of not being able to get a job because you don’t have experience because you can’t get a job comes to mind. However, as 2012 drew to a close, the rate of unemployment among disabled citizens ages 16 and up decreased steadily for the last third of the year.

Over the last several months the rates of disabled residents who are unemployed have gone down significantly, with November being at 12.7 and dropping to 11.7 in December. The U.S. Labor Department has reportedly been monitoring these rates for this population for only several years and will continue to do so with more ability for trends and statistics available after a while.

For those Oregon residents who are struggling to cope with the financial or emotional burden of their disability, understanding the different ways you can become eligible for Social Security Disability benefits or become employed might be able to help your situation.

Social Security Disability is able to help those who cannot work or work a substantial enough amount to still live and get the care they require. Someone who has been living with their disability their whole life may know the difficulty of being accepted in every aspect of society. Similarly, someone who has become disabled knows the difference it can have on their life. To be able to earn their own wage is a point of pride and happiness for many and perhaps uniquely so for those who must overcome the added hurdle of their disabilities. Seeking specialized legal counsel could help in such a situation.

Source: disabilityscoop.com, “Disability employment sees four-month gain,” Shaun Heasley, Jan. 7, 2013

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