Watching for flu symptoms could benefit disabled Oregonians

Getting the flu is never fun. Sure, it may get you out of work or school, but the payoff isn’t worth it in many cases, especially when there is an influenza virus out there that is life-threatening, as the one now can be. A recent source urges people in Oregon and across the country who have developmental disabilities to make sure they are protected against the flu due to the fact that the complications once contracted could be even more dangerous depending on someone’s disability.

Understanding how the flu works and how it might affect you could be a good place to start talking to your doctor. With all of the cases featured in the news recently, making sure you’re being especially careful could help you stay away from the nasty bug. The specific conditions mentioned by one source are cerebral palsy and neurological/developmental conditions due to the fact that the flu could cause further risk of damage to their systems. It is also noted that having a special needs disability such as these does not make anyone any more prone to getting the flu, just that it could be a worse situation should they contract it.

The recommended protocol is to seek out a doctor and ask about the flu shot as well as how this illness could affect your specific situation. As soon as you feel unwell, taking action is also advised. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the one issuing the caution and has reportedly had 47 states where the flu has been causing afflictions. There have been a reported 84 cases of adults with disabilities going to the hospital and 22 children who have disabilities as well due to the flu.

Oregon residents who are living with a developmental condition or other disability may wish to speak to their doctors about both how to stay healthy and possible treatment should they become ill. Understanding how your Social Security Disability benefits comes into play is also a good thing to discuss with a legal professional in order to make sure you know what you’ll be covered for and how it could factor into any treatment you may require.

Source:, “CDC: People with special needs should be on ‘high alert’ for flu,” Michelle Diament, Jan. 14, 2013

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