Certain disability claimants may get second chance at hearing

Having your Social Security Disability claim denied can be one of the most devastating things an Oregon resident has to go through. There are times, however, when appealing for your disability insurance works; and those moments likely feel like triumph and hope. For some claimants in another state, getting to have their cases heard again might be just that: triumphant.

A recent report explains that there has been a class-action lawsuit regarding the hearing of thousands of Social Security benefits appeals in one particular office. The suit is explained to be due to a suspicion of unjust denial of many cases and five specific administrative law judges who decided these cases. The judges have been said to have “trivialized” the situations and conditions of those whose appeals they heard.

Per a settlement of this lawsuit between the Social Security Administration and the plaintiffs, those who have been unable to support themselves or get proper care due to their disability can have their cases evaluated again by a different administrative judge. There has been a reported estimate of 4,000 cases that may be heard again in regards to their denied appeals. The terms of this settlement must be officially approved by a federal judge until they may be carried out; however, one of the judges mentioned in the suit has reportedly already been replaced.

Oregon residents may have gone through a situation wherein they felt their claim and disability circumstance wasn’t given the thought and deliberation it could have been. For those who wish to appeal for Social Security Disability benefits, working with an attorney who knows the different factors and process may be beneficial in having you appeal heard.

Source: The New York Times, “Rejected Disability Claims in Queens May Be Reheard,” Mosi Secret, Jan. 11, 2013

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