One man’s trouble with Social Security checks could cost hundreds

Oregon residents who receive Social Security benefits know how helpful and important they can be. It’s often that when someone is receiving the government program’s support, such as Supplemental Security Income, they need it most. For those who aren’t able to make enough money due to their own or a family member’s condition, it can allow for them to get that boost up that can help them continue their lives and keep their families healthy. For one man in the news recently, Social Security was doing just that until he was told he owed money – a sum of $1,358.00.

This man lives in another state, but Oregon residents may still want to follow his story as it could prove interesting for people who still use paper checks when it comes to their Social Security benefits. It was reported that this man had been receiving his monthly check from Social Security since his 2007 retirement. Last year, however, he reportedly found out that there had been two checks cashed for one month in 2012 – a month when he had to report a missing check, he explains. Upon talking to his local Social Security office regarding this matter, both checks from that month were viewed and the two signatures reportedly did not match.

While there are many different reasons that people apply for Social Security, the support is still likely sorely missed in cases such as this. Working with an attorney could help someone to understand their options if they have had issues with their monthly payments. While it is unknown how this man’s case will turn out, it is reported that he contacted the police regarding the matter.

The intention of the SSI program is to help those who have a need for it and working with someone who is an authority on the matter could prove helpful for someone with questions. The same goes for those Oregon residents who are still having difficulty getting approved for the benefits. Understanding all of the ways to move forward when it comes to the appeals process could be helpful.

Source:, “Clearwater man baffled by agency’s response to missing Social Security checks,” John Woodrow Cox, Jan. 17, 2013

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