Woman with autism wins ‘popular vote’ at Miss America pageant

Earlier this month one woman showed that there’s nothing that can stop her from achieving her dreams; not doubters, not history and not her disability. Oregon residents may have watched the Miss America pageant that took place last week, but for those who didn’t, there was one title read that night that wasn’t up to the judges: the public vote.

This woman hails from a different state than ours, but her cause has clearly touched the hearts of many. She is the first contestant ever to enter into the Miss America competition with autism and also the first contestant with autism ever to win the “America’s Choice” award. The award was voted on prior to the airing of the contest via an online voting system, and this woman reportedly won the title out of the 200,000 cast.

Her impression has most assuredly had a lasting effect on those who work with and watch the show. She is said to have been diagnosed as having autism when she was 11 years old and hopes to use her status after the competition to help support and inspire other people in similar situations. “ʻI showed that you can become something great if you work hard to get there,'” Miss “America’s Choice” says.

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Source: disabilityscoop.com, “Beauty queen with autism makes Miss America history,” Lesley Young, Jan. 15, 2013

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