Reporting error leads to loss of Social Security disability

For people in Portland who depend on Social Security disability benefits, sometimes an unexpected oversight can lead to a sudden denial of benefits — often at the worst possible time for someone who depends on that income to survive. Such is the case with a single mother who might have had a better experience had she consulted with an experienced Social Security benefits attorney.

The woman, who received Social Security disability benefits because of a learning disability, found herself suddenly without benefits when the Social Security Administration determined that it had miscalculated her benefit amount for several years. In fact, the SSA said that it had paid out nearly $35,000 too much to the woman, and rather than reduce her future benefits, it stopped them entirely.

The 36-year-old mother has done the best she could have despite the many obstacles in her path. Her learning disability makes it extremely difficult to hold down a job of consequence for an extended period of time, and while she enjoys her $9-an-hour dishwashing job at a country club, her hours are sporadic (as is her pay). Her two children, ages 12 and 8, have disabilities of their own: ADHD and a speech disability, respectively. The boys’ father is incarcerated and thus pays no child support.

The woman’s payments were suspended because the SSA said she was earning too much and did not report her earnings as required. While she did report her earnings to the office that oversaw the Supplemental Security Income her children received, she did not do the same with the SSA — even though she says she didn’t receive a letter telling her she was making too much. A Social Security benefits attorney might be able to help someone in a similar state of need to avoid such an uncomfortable situation.

Source: The Ledger, “Miscalculation Threatens Family’s SSI Benefits,” Eric Pera, Jan. 27, 2013

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