Wristband could provide early warning for epileptic seizures

People in Portland who suffer from epilepsy know that it can be a debilitating condition. Seizures can make everyday tasks such as holding onto a job virtually impossible. In fact, many people with severe epilepsy are unable to work and rely on Social Security disability benefits for their income.

Researchers are constantly working to find ways to prevent and detect issues such as seizures. One way in which technology could be used is via a wristband that detects minute changes in a person’s skin that can indicate when a seizure is about to occur.

It turns out it wasn’t a malfunction: The wristband was recording changes in the boy’s skin that preceded an epileptic seizure. Researchers had thought the only way to get this kind of information was via electrodes in the brain; now, however, the information is much more accessible.

The hope is that the technology will warn the wearer or a caregiver that an event is about to take place. Armed with this information, the subject can prepare for the seizure and be ready to seek medical attention if necessary. Researchers say the data might also be used to compare outward signs given off by autistic people with their actual emotions.

Source: Innovation Trail, “Wearable tech full of potential for health care applications,” Kate O’Connell, April 5, 2013

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