Obesity in younger years can lead to later heart issues

It should come as no surprise to people in Oregon that one of the best ways to help stave off the effects of coronary disease is to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. And for those people who find themselves overweight, it is crucial to get that extra weight off as soon as possible. But until now, it hasn’t been well documented about how keeping weight on can be detrimental down the line as far as cardiac health is concerned.

A new study, which was described in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, finds that people who were obese — or about 35 pounds more than the weight of a typically healthy person — had an increased level of coronary artery disease.

Having larger amounts of arterial plaque can increase a person’s risk for conditions as heart attack or stroke. In fact, the risk of developing this plaque went up considerably for every year people were obese — as much as 4 percent a year.

Much of this damage cannot necessarily be undone; heart attacks can severely weaken a person’s heart, sometimes to the point that they cannot work a regular job. For people who are disabled and unable to hold regular employment, it might be possible to receive benefits through Social Security disability.

People in Portland who think that they might be eligible for benefits or want to learn more about them can discuss their cases with an experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney, who can help to guide them through the process of application and appeals.

Source: USA Today, “Longer time being obese leads to coronary disease,” Nanci Hellmich, July 16, 2013

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