Make sure you have all the info you need for SSI applications

As anyone in Oregon who has applied for benefits such as Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income can tell you, there are a lot of items of documentation needed for a successful application. While it can be of great benefit to have an attorney with experience in dealing with these kinds of applications, an attorney cannot provide the documentation an individual will need.

Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, often better known as SSI, is dependent on a multitude of factors; in general, for adults, benefits are available for people with severe disabilities, blindness, or who are at least 65 years old; additionally, people who are eligible must have extremely limited resources and income.

For the purposes of the Social Security Administration, “income” refers not just to wages from a job but other assets that could generate income: pensions, other retirement accounts and other Social Security benefits. An experienced attorney can help to explain the details to someone who is considering applying for SSI benefits.

Among the documents that are needed are:

  • Birth certificate and Social Security number;
  • Information about your living situation, such as lease or mortgage documents;
  • Any financial information, including insurance and burial fund information;
  • Documentation about American citizenship; and
  • Contacts for all your health-care providers to verify your condition if you are disabled.

As in all dealings with the Social Security Administration, preparation is key. If you have questions about your eligibility or potential SSI benefits — or benefits from Social Security Disability — an experienced attorney can be an effective resource.

Source:, “Social Security Q&A: Obtaining supplemental security income,” July 28, 2013

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