‘Help Me Home’ to aid those in Portland with mental impairment

In an application for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions, the applicant must prove that their intellectual impairment rises to such a level that it inhibits their ability to work. But for many, the impairment goes beyond affecting their ability to earn a living.

For some, the impairment can affect not only their capacity to work, make financial or business decisions, but it can make even the simple act of walking out their front door a dangerous activity.

Individuals with a severe psychological or mental disorder can quickly become confused with unfamiliar surroundings and are often unable to answer questions about where they live or who to contact in an emergency — something Washington County police hope a new database will provide assistance with.

“Help Me Home” is the name given to the database created by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. When police attempt to help an adult with a severe mental disability get back home, a significant amount of time is often wasted while trying to determine the individual’s identity and place of residence.

The “Help Me Home” database would provide officers with a photo and other personal identification information to help in these emergency situations. The information for these pseudo-profiles would be voluntarily submitted. For $20 per individual child or adult, the information would remain on the database for two years.

Of course, where gathering information is concerned, some may worry about privacy issues. The sheriff’s office ensured residents in a statement that only Washington County officers would have access to this confidential database.

Source: Miami Herald, “Database launched to help lost, disabled adults,” Sat. 9, 2013

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