Many physical disabilities qualify for social security disability benefits, but there are also mental disabilities that can qualify as well. The list includes everything from mental disorders to neurodevelopmental disorders. Below we have compiled a list of three mental disorders that could potentially qualify.

Bipolar/Depressive Disorders- With the uncontrollable ups and downs, it can be impossible to provide for yourself. Some common causes could be biological, environmental, psychological or a combination of all three.

Schizophrenia/Psychotic Disorders– Those who have Schizophrenia tend to hallucinate and have delusions, which can hinder their capability of having a job and providing for themselves.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders- People who have a neurodevelopmental disorder might not be able to communicate due to brain dysfunction, thus rendering them unable to provide proper care for themselves.

There are additional mental conditions not listed above, which is why it is important to include all of your disabilities physical and mental, when applying for disability benefits. If your family member or loved one meets one of these criteria, you can trust Richard Sly, Attorney at Law, to assist you with social security disability in Oregon. If you have questions about other mental disabilities, you can give Mr. Sly a call at (503) 676-6162 right now.