In many cases, children with disabilities can receive SSI benefits or Social Security. Here at Richard Sly, Attorney at Law, we want to help guide you through the application process and help you understand which benefits your child is eligible for. If your child has a disability before the age of 22, they can receive benefits based on their parents’ earnings. As long as the impairment meets the adult disability classification, they can draw benefits. In some cases, children can start receiving benefits right away. Listed below are some conditions which are considered a disability in children.

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Low Birth Weight
  • Total Blindness
  • Total Deafness

Once a child receives benefits, they can be subjected to reviews, especially if their condition is expected to improve over time. These reports will be conducted every three years to evaluate the current medical state of your child. The conditions listed above are just a few that are eligible for disability benefits. If you have any questions regarding SSI in Portland or want to discuss the other conditions which might qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you can reach out to us by calling our office at (503) 676-6162 right now.