The new year always brings changes and 2017 is no different than any of its predecessors. Social Security recipients will be receiving a little bit more money than last year. That’s because of the inflation over the past few years, the Federal government is making a cost of living adjustment (COLA) of 0.3%.

And, just as fast as you got the good news, you learn that the $5 you might be getting a month is reclaimed back by the Federal government in the form of high Medicare premiums. If you have an injury or a disability and haven’t filed for Social Security disability, let us give you a few pointers about the application process.

Three Tips for Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

  • Make Sure You Qualify – If you are working nearly full-time or making more than $1,170 per month (gross, not net), then you will not qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If you have been injured or become disabled to the point that you can no longer work, then you’ll want to begin the application process for Social Security disability benefits.

  • Don’t Make Mistakes –
    When filling out your Social Security disability benefits application forms it’s very important to fill them out to the best of your ability. Be as thorough as possible when filling out your application form. Anything that can be perceived as an error or mistake can hold up the decision process. Be sure to list all of your medical providers, physicians, therapists, etc., because without a detailed history of medical records, it is difficult for a favorable decision to be made on your behalf.
  • It’s a Waiting Game – Be prepared to wait anywhere from six to eight months for a determination on your application. Since nearly two-thirds of all Social Security disability claims initially get denied, you will mostly likely be facing an appeal.
  • First Appeal – Generally, the first appeal will be to request a reconsideration, which will take several more months.
  • Second Appeal – On average, 9-out-of-10 reconsideration appeals are turned down, so that is what the second appeal is for.
  • Administrative Hearing – It is during the second appeal that your lawyer should request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This time you might be looking at another year from the date the second appeal is filed to the day of your appeal hearing.

There is one benefit to staying in the game, because if you should win your final appeal you’ll be owed back benefits.

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