The backlog of 1.1 million people currently awaiting determinations or an appeal hearings on their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims is no laughing matter, but it’s about to get the much-needed attention it deserves. Congress approved approximately $150 million to address the backlogged hearings and related activities just before the 115th Congress recessed for the holidays.

“Disability applicants who have appealed and are waiting for a hearing need to know the agency has more resources and may be able to reduce the backlog sooner than the original projection of 2020. On average, SSDI applicants are waiting about 26 months from their time of initial application for a hearing decision,” said Mike Stein, assistant vice president of claims with Allsup. “Hopefully, some of these dollars can be applied to overtime and other staffing to adjudicate claims more quickly. This is critical as thousands more people fall into financial and health devastation while waiting.”1

How Exactly Will the Funding Be Used?

Congress Funds Program to get Backlogged SSDI Claims | Portland Social Security Income Lawyer

Congress Funds Program to get Backlogged SSDI Claims | Portland Social Security Income Lawyer

The Social Security Administration received the funding and plans to use it to staff up to try and make an immediate impact reducing the backlog of those who have applied for disability benefits and are now currently awaiting a hearing decision. The following list are some of the actions the SSA has taken thanks to the funds appropriation:

  • The SSA has hired more judges to reduce the backlog and wait time. In 2016, the agency exceeded its hiring goal of 264 Administrative Law Judges (ALJ). In 2015, there were 202 hired; and 77 in 2014.
  • The ALJs will also require training to begin reducing the backlog of appeals and determinations.

What Else Can Be Done to Expedite Disability Claims and Appeals?

Another hindrance to the SSDI application and appeal process has been a reduction in Disability Determination Service (DDS) workers by 14 percent since 2010. Basically, that reduction equated to a loss of nearly 2,000 staff members who could no longer process claims. Here are a few other efforts being undertaken to help reduce the burden of the SSDI application and appeals backlog:2

  • In 2016, the SSA also released its plan dubbed Compassionate and Responsive Services (CARES) to reduce benefit determination waits by FY 2020.
  • One of SSAs partnerships is with Allsup, which has a tool that individuals can use to go online and find out if they qualify for SSDI benefits. If an individual completes the online assessment and it comes back with successful results, the person should then immediately start filling out a disability insurance application.

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