Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions

Top 6 Mistakes Made Filing for Social Security Disability

There are a lot of reasons a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim can get rejected for, but mostly it can be a very basic mistake. Since these benefits can mean the difference between remaining self-sufficient or going into a financial crisis, it can make a lot of sense to have legal representation from the [...]

‘Help Me Home’ to aid those in Portland with mental impairment

In an application for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions, the applicant must prove that their intellectual impairment rises to such a level that it inhibits their ability to work. But for many, the impairment goes beyond affecting their ability to earn a living. For some, the impairment can affect not only their capacity [...]

Woman remembers nothing, but government says she’s not disabled

Not all disabilities are created equal. In fact, what some people in Oregon consider to be disabilities aren't actually disabilities under the definition of the Social Security Administration. This means that some people who have severe difficulty in their daily lives might not be eligible to receive benefits under Social Security disability. One woman has [...]

Not everyone sold on ‘cure’ for Down syndrome

One of the most challenging health issues for parents that kids can have is Down syndrome. The diagnosis can be difficult for people to accept, even though people with Down syndrome can lead fulfilling lives. There has been much research into the genetic factors that cause Down syndrome, with scientists hoping to figure out how [...]

Those with autism may qualify for disability benefits

Parents whose children are autistic often struggle in many ways. In addition to the emotional strain that parenting a child with special needs can cause, the special medical care, education and assistive technology can be a huge financial burden. On top of the added costs, autistic children can require more care than other children, making [...]

Events such as Boston bombings could lead to recurrence of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, better known by its initials PTSD, is still not very well understood, decades after it was first defined. While most people might think of it still only in terms of stress from serving in or witnessing wartime combat, PTSD could come from any number of sources. When it becomes severe, PTSD can [...]

Returning to work after getting mental health SSD benefits

There is a popular misconception that people go on Social Security Disability because they would prefer not to work. For most SSD recipients, though, this notion couldn't be further from the truth. Anybody who has been unemployed for any meaningful period of time can tell you that a steady job provides much more than a [...]

Autism awareness day: Reminder that insurance coverage is spotty

We have spent recent posts on this blog discussing various conditions that might meet eligibility requirements for receiving Social Security disability benefits. One of these is autism, which can have a devastating financial impact for people who are dealing with the condition. As it happens, today is International Autism Awareness Day. While it is fair [...]