Make sure you have all the info you need for SSI applications

As anyone in Oregon who has applied for benefits such as Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income can tell you, there are a lot of items of documentation needed for a successful application. While it can be of great benefit to have an attorney with experience in dealing with these kinds of applications, an [...]

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Memory lapses could be indicative of eventual Alzheimer’s

It's no secret that older people in Oregon and around the world have issues with their memory as they get older. Not everyone realizes the extent of these memory issues, however. Studies that were presented at a conference on Alzheimer's showed that older people who realize that they are experiencing memory lapses may be more [...]

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Disabled kids might be eligible to receive federal SSI benefits

When people in Oregon think of government benefits that are available to them, they may not be considering all their options. Of course, adults who are disabled and unable to work may be eligible to apply for and collect Social Security disability benefits; however, people may not be aware that there are programs in place [...]

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One man’s trouble with Social Security checks could cost hundreds

Oregon residents who receive Social Security benefits know how helpful and important they can be. It's often that when someone is receiving the government program's support, such as Supplemental Security Income, they need it most. For those who aren't able to make enough money due to their own or a family member's condition, it can [...]

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Supplement Security Income benefits for Oregon children with ADHD

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder is a mental or neurobehavioral disorder that affects thousands of children in Oregon. Although the condition can be effectively treated, gaining access to or being able to pay for those treatments is also a real problem for many Oregon families. If you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, and [...]

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Strengthening the SSI program for disabled children in Oregon

The Supplemental Security Income program has been providing basic yet critical benefits to Oregon children with severe disabilities for 40 years now. While monthly SSI payments may not be great, the income supplements have given countless families here a degree of economic security they would not have had otherwise, and disabled children a much greater [...]

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