Oregon Disability Attorney

Trust Richard Sly, Attorney at Law if you are unable to work for a living due to an accident or illness. Mr. Sly has experience working with people who are dealing with disabling conditions in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Disabling conditions are divided into two categories ­– mental and physical. Whether you are suffering from a mental or physical condition, it must affect your ability to complete your regular job duties for at least 12 consecutive months to be eligible for benefits. Mr. Sly can also assist you with denied Social Security disability in Vancouver, WA.

What Disabilities are Covered by Social Security Disability Benefits?

An accident or illness can leave you dealing with an extreme physical or mental condition. However, how do you know if your disabling conditions are covered by Social Security? The Social Security Administrations defines a disability as any medically severe mental or physical impairment that prevents an individual from performing their regular job duties for at least 12 months. Disabilities also include conditions that are expected to result in the death of an individual.

If you are living with one of these disabling conditions, what steps can you take? It is important to note that injuries and illnesses must be supported by medical evidence, and these conditions must result in significant functional limitations that prevent you from performing any type of work that your age, education, and skills quality you for.

The Social Security Administration lists many disabling conditions in an evaluation guidebook known as the “blue book.” This book contains a small sampling of the impairments that you may suffer from. From a disability for mental illness to other injuries and physical conditions, Richard A. Sly is here to help you through the filing process for your physical or mental issues

Social Security disability lawyers in Portland, OR can assist you with determining if your current condition is eligible for disability benefits. To schedule a consultation with a Social Security attorney in Vancouver or Portland, give us a call at (503) 482-2931 today. When you have questions regarding if your present condition qualifies for Social Security, you can depend on our law firm.