In order to get disability benefits, you have to prove not only that you have a disability, but that you are unable to earn a living through employment. Often, when someone is unable to hold down a full-time job, the combined effects of multiple medical conditions are at fault.

Pursuing Complex Claims for SSD and SSI Benefits

Making Sure the Full Story of Your Medical Condition Is ToldPortland SSD and SSI Attorney Richard A. Sly helps clients in Oregon and Washington pursue disability benefits. If you have become disabled due to multiple impairments in combination, we can help you apply for benefits or appeal a denied claim.

The government has a long list of medical disorders that are proven to disable people from working if they are severe enough. However, many people who do not meet these criteria based on any one condition are still unable to work due to a combination of impairments.

For instance, you may have one disability that prevents you from doing heavy physical labor and another disability that prevents you from working at a computer. In combination with your education and experience, these disabilities may prevent you from holding down any job.

Multiple impairment claims can be difficult to prove. Mr. Sly and our staff will work hard to make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) gets a full picture of your situation.

We will work with all of your medical providers to get the information needed to document your claim. If your initial application is denied, Mr. Sly has the experience to represent you before an administrative law judge, the Appeals Council and the federal courts if necessary.

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