Does Having Multiple Sclerosis – MS – Qualify for Social Security Benefits ?

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating, incurable condition that results in the progressive degeneration of a person’s nerve cells (specifically, the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord). As such, MS is typically associated with a variety of physical, mental and psychiatric symptoms, some of which commonly include fatigue, visual impairments, muscle spasms, thinking difficulties and depression.

Given the profound impacts that multiple sclerosis can have on virtually every aspect of a person’s abilities, those who are living with MS will:

  • Likely suffer negative impacts on their quality of life
  • Likely be unable to hold a job and earn a living
  • Likely be entitled to federal disability benefits
  • Have the best chances of obtaining the benefits they need and deserve by working with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

Richard A. Sly, a seasoned Portland Social Security Disability and SSI lawyer, is just the professional you need in such cases. While he has more than three decades of experience advocating the rights of his clients, he also has a proven track record of success when it comes to helping them secure the disability benefits they need and deserve.

Qualifying for Federal Disability Benefits for MS

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), people with MS will have to prove the following in order to qualify for federal disability benefits:

  • They have been officially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  • Their MS has resulted in disorganized motor function, visual or mental impairments and/or significant neurological dysfunction.
  • The above-mentioned impairments have made it extremely difficult for the affected individuals to get or keep a job.

Proof of these circumstances must come in the form of medical reports and other official documentation from the applicants’ physicians, as well as from facilities that may have provided any treatments for MS.

Filing Your Claim

If you are living with MS and are unable to earn a living due to this condition, it’s important that you do NOT try to file your claim with the Social Security Administration on your own. This system is known to be complicated, and making even one unintentional mistake can cause your legitimate claim to be delayed or even denied.

Instead, give yourself the best chances of obtaining a favorable outcome to your case by working with a seasoned attorney who can help guide you through the Social Security process and help you secure the federal disability benefits you need and deserve.

How Our Portland Social Security Disability and SSI Lawyer Can Help You

Our Portland Social Security Disability and SSI lawyer Richard A. Sly has been dedicated to helping his clients obtain the maximum possible disability benefits for more than 30 years. He takes pride in his ability to build his clients the strongest possible cases so that they have optimal chances of securing benefits the first time they present their case. However, he also is effective and skilled at handling denials or appeals and will work tirelessly to reverse the SSA’s unfair decisions.

At the Law Office of Richard A. Sly, our respected legal professionals are committed to working diligently to help each of our clients secure the benefits to which they are entitled, and we will work for as long as it takes to ensure they are able to obtain the best possible outcomes for their claims.

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