Do you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Portland, OR? Richard A. Sly, Attorney at Law, is available to help you with the filing process. As a top Social Security Disability benefits lawyer, he is committed to guiding you with each of your service needs. Schedule a consultation with him today to discuss your condition and learn more about your possible benefits.

Applying with a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

Dealing with an illness or injury can be stressful enough. However, when you are no longer physically or mentally able to work for a living, you could find yourself dealing with severe financial challenges. Social Security benefits exist for disabled workers, their widows, and their disabled children. While there are a number of qualifications that you must consider, Richard A. Sly is here to help you throughout the process. He is available to meet with you to discuss your SS Disability benefits.

Qualifying for SS Disability Benefits

How can you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? In addition to providing proven medical evidence that shows you are unable to work for a continuous 12-month period, you must also show eligible work history of the appropriate length. It is also recommended that you include educational information.

Because the process can be especially confusing for first-time Social Security applicants, it is important to turn to an experienced attorney prior to submitting your information. One minor flaw in the application can lead to your claim being rejected. It is vital to apply early for benefits, so that you do not miss out on anything that is owed to you. During your meeting with Mr. Sly, he will go through your job activities, functions, and requirements to ensure that your application is completed properly.

The Approval or Denial Decision

If your application for SS Disability benefits is approved, congratulations! You will start to receive monthly benefits based upon your tax history. Please note that there is a 5-month waiting period without payment, even if your application is approved. After 24 months of disability payments, you will become eligible for additional benefits through Medicare.

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